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Eco Sponge, Kitchen Loofah sponges


We produce 300 million tonnes of plastic waste every year as a planet. It is estimated that the UK alone produces more then 400,000 tonnes every month. It is thought that up to 95% of all plastic waste is not recycled.

It's time to use less plastic.

Our natural sponges contain zero plastic and are grown sustainably from the loofah plant.

Everything from the handy cotton string to the package they come in will eventually return to the earth entirely.

By choosing our eco cleaning sponges you are reducing your home’s plastic waste and moving towards a healthier future for our planet.

Eco Kitchen Loofah


1 pack

Biodegradable washing up sponge


3 pack

Better than coconut scrubbers


6 Pack

Non-Scratch & eco friendly 💙


I absolutely love these loofahs! They are great to use, non scratch and eco friendly. Will definitely purchase again.

K. Rance



Your low impact loofah dish sponge will arrive thin and tough. This is due to the dehydration process and ease of shipping thinner objects.

Submerge your natural loofah dish sponge in warm water. Allow to sit for up to a minute.

Your zero-plastic loofah dish sponge will expand up to 6.5 times its original size. It will also become more soft and supple.


Our sponges are made from the loofah plant.

Funnily enough this means they are not made from plastic,

(I know, amazing!)

We think that's pretty great.

Loofah sponges are completely natural.

They are grown from the loofah plant, which is closely related to the cucumber.

This means the entire thing will return to the earth entirely.

Natural. Zero Plastic. 100% Biodegradable. 

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Loofahs have been used in cleaning and bathing for centuries - it's time to start using them in our kitchens.

Their porous structure makes them extremely absorbent and great for retaining and dispensing soap subs, while their fibrous skeleton lends them a tougher, more abrasive surface than you might expect.

Loofah sponges lie somewhere between a washing up sponge and a washing up scourer.


At 11x8cm our loofah sponge is larger than other eco cleaning products brands. This makes them a similar size to traditional kitchen sponges.

Additionally, with their doubled stitched thickness, they expand to up to 6.5 times their original size!

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Low Impact Packaging

Even the packaging is sustainable.

All to often you may buy an "sustainable" product, only to have it delivered in plastic!

Well not us. You won't find any plastic here. Not a sausage.


Though they may appear course, rough and thin at first, the loofah sponge expands when soaked in water, becoming softer and more supple.

Each loofah sponge should last between 4 and 6 weeks. Ensure each Loofah is completely dry between uses - this will extend the lifespan of your natural sponge.

In households with high dish washing demands, we recommend using 2 or more loofah kitchen sponges on a rotation, ensuring they get adequately dry between uses.

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