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Copper Mesh from Agile Home and Garden


Protect your Home and Garden!

Zero plastic, poison free pest control. Use copper mesh for effective slug & snail defence and rodent exclusion. 

Use to plug small holes to effectively exclude rodents, or as a barrier around your plants to deter slugs and snails!


3m1 - Copy.png

3m / 10ft


6m2 - Copy.png

6m / 20ft


10m3 - Copy.png

10m / 30ft


15m1 - Copy.png

15m / 50ft


20m2 - Copy.png

20m / 65ft


30m2 - Copy.png

30m / 100ft


Our free user e-book has 15 pages of detailed suggested uses. 

No mice


Easy to cut and use. Expanded well and filled some large holes.

Mrs Plastic



Copper mesh can be used as an effective rat, mouse and other pest excluder, protecting your home and garden.

Copper mesh can be used to densely plug holes and exclude rodents from entering.

For best results, use in conjunction with filler foam. 


Any experienced gardener knows the damage slugs and snails can inflict on a garden.

Copper has long been used by gardeners to deter slugs as they tend to avoid travelling over it.

As such copper mesh can be a powerful tool in your anti slug arsenal.

Copper mesh ebook listing pic 1.jpg

We include a copy of our user e-book with every order, so don't fear if you've never used it before!

Fifteen pages of detailed use suggestions including rodent exclusion, slug & snail defence, and more.

Alternatively, you can download our user guide now by following this link!


Copper mesh has a multitude of other uses, including: 

  • Cleaning. Copper mesh can be used as an effective cleaning utensil, and can be used as copper scouring pads. The anti-microbial properties of copper lends itself to this application.

  • Arts and Crafts. Copper mesh has exciting applications in arts and crafts. Copper mesh can be used as a wire sculpting material or as an alternative gift wrapping.



We are excited to be transitioning to zero plastic packaging, using paper instead. 

This is in keeping with the non-lethal, poison free pest control measure that is copper mesh. 

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