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Eco Dish Brush
Eco friendly, zero plastic, wooden scrubbing brush.


3 Brush Heads



It's time to use less plastic.

Our natural kitchen brush contains zero plastic, it's bristles are made sustainably from fibre from the sisal plant. 

Our eco dish scrubbing brush comes with 3 replacement heads, which means when the bristles do finally wear out, you need only replace the brush head, not the whole thing!

Additionally, every brush ships with two different sisal fibre grades, soft and hard. You'll have the brush fibre toughness for any scenario. 

The bristles, handle and even the package they come in will eventually return to the earth entirely.

By choosing our eco scrubbing brush you are reducing your home’s plastic waste and moving towards a healthier future for our planet.



Our materials are all completely natural.

The bristles on our plastic free dish washing brush are made out of fibres from the sisal plant (Agave Sisalana), which is native of Mexico.

The handles are made from beech wood, grown in Germany.

This means the entire thing will return to the earth entirely. Even the small stainless steel fittings will eventually corrode to nothing.


The bristles on our natural friendly dish brush come out of fibres from the sisal plant (Agave Sisalana). The sisal plant is native to southern Mexico, but is now grown all over the world.

Its fibre was first cultivated by the Aztecs and Mayans to create crude fabrics and papers. Its many applications now include rope, twine, buffing cloth, carpets and even dartboards, (along with brush bristles of course).

Our sisal plant bristles come from Mexico where the sisal plant actually originates.

The handles of our zero plastic friendly dish brushes are made from beech wood, which, believe it or not comes from beech trees.

Our beech wood is sourced in Germany, one of the most densely forested countries in the world.



Unfortunately, many wooden brushes actually have plastic bristles, usually nylon (polyamide).

Well not us.

Our scrubbing brush bristles are fibre from the sisal plant, native to Mexico. Rest assured our dishwashing brush is utterly plastic free.

Sisal fibre bristles have been used in brooms and brushes for decades, it's time we used them in our dish brushes. 

Our zero plastic dish brush comes with two grades of bristles for varying scrubbing needs!


Brush Heads for All Situations: our wooden dish brush comes with three brush heads equipped with both soft and tough bristles.

Use the lighter coloured, softer sisal bristles to gently clean plates, cups and cutlery.

Use the darker coloured, tougher sisal bristles to tackle more stubborn pots, pans and trays.

You can even use them handle-free.

This means they are more than a match for any kitchen or dish cleaning scenario!

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All to often you may buy an "sustainable" product, only to have it delivered in plastic!

Well not us.

You won't find any plastic here.

Not a sausage.

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