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What's the deal with Agile Home and Garden?

February 2019 is when we really decided to give it a go. we had known for a while that we wanted to create something on the side. To try to build something different which we could be proud of.

It was in snatched fragments of spare time in that month that we really started reading and planning and researching. The company was registered in March, but our first sale didn't come until June.

Agile has already evolved and changed so much, even in that small amount of time. Our journey is still only just getting started. We've got a long way to go.

But moving forward, with our website live, trademark secure and plenty of new products on the horizon, I am excited to be able to document this journey. I'm excited to share thoughts and feelings, ups and downs, hopes and fears as they happen, via this blog. Maybe we'll meet along the way.

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